Airport Accommodation and Parking

Egypt is a fantastic country, with heat and steeped with history and sites to see. If you are considering a trip to see the pyramids, there are a few things that you need to consider before the holiday, such as long stay car parking and airport accommodation.

Vacations, business trips, a visit to relatives or even friends can all be reasons why you may need to travel. While we all look forward to the fun part of travelling, there are aspects that we dislike. For example, the commute between your home and hotel. For example, if you have a morning flight from Gatwick to Egypt, you may need to leave home in the dead of the night in order to make it in time. However, this can be solved by booking a gatwick hotel and parking space.

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Get some well needed rest

Traffic congestion may necessitate leaving the house early. This means that you may not get enough sleep before your flight. This, coupled with the jet lag from a long flight may diminish your capabilities for a couple of days which may be bad for business travellers. However, by booking an overnight hotel in the airport, you will have ample time to rest before your flight, reducing the fatigue and jet lag. You can therefore attend to your activities a few hours after arrival.

Travelling with family

Getting children ready for travel is a tiresome affair and it usually takes long. When this is combined with a long commute to the airport, it may stress you out. By acquiring a hotel and parking package, you do not have to wake the children up very early and you will all get some rest beforehand. The children will be less irritable during the flight ensuring everyone has a great time. This may also help for people with special needs or disabilities.


The commute from home to the airport uses up a lot of energy and by the time you are arriving at the airport, everyone is hungry. Given that most people do not like airport food, you may end up travelling hungry. However, with hotels, you can have a proper meal just before you travel. This is especially advantageous with children since you do not have to keep on buying them snacks- this can be very expensive depending on the airline- during the flight.

Parking for your vehicle

Whether short term or long term, these hotels offer ample and secure parking space for travellers. This may be beneficial since you are assured that your vehicle is in a safe location and it eliminates the need to pay cab fare to and from the airport. In addition, if you are travelling with your family, it is easier to use your own car as opposed to hiring cabs.

Monetary savings, saving on time and ensuring that you are in great shape for travel is very important. This is why you need a Gatwick hotel and parking package for an overnight stay or even a few hours before your early morning flight.