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Exdous Holy Family

Day 01 :
Arrive Cairo International Airport { Please advise Air Carrier name, Flight Number & Arrival Time } Meet Our Representative with sign of your name and assisting you through passport control formalities, luggage identification, portage, etc... then transfer by A/C Car to your hotel in Cairo for check-in. Overnight at your hotel in Cairo.

Day 02 :
Breakfast at hotel, Then meet our professional Egyptology English Speaking guide to accompany you by private air-conditioned car to visit the great Pyramids, The most famous structure in the world was built by King Cheops (IV Dynasty) around 2650 B.C., the Sphinx one of the seven wonders of the ancient World On the way to the Temple of the Valley, (of the pyramid of Kephren), lies the large statue of the Sphinx. It is one of most famous monuments in the whole world. It is, indeed, a legendary statue for it has the body of lion and the face of a man. It is 70 ms long and 20 ms high & then Lunch will be served at First Class restaurant , Then visit Coptic monuments Christian Old Cairo, where the Romans constructed the fortress of Babylon. Built over the ruins of the two towers of this fortress is the Church of St.Mary or El-Moallaqah (meaning overhanging or suspended) which is why the most popular name for this church is the hanging Church. Visit the Church of St.Sergius, founded at the end of the 4th century, it stands on a Egypt that is said to have sheltered the Holy Family during their flight to Egypt. Church of St.Barbara, Then visit Bazaars. Drive back to hotel, Overnight in Cairo.

Day 03 :
Breakfast at hotel. Then meet our professional Egyptology English Speaking guide to accompany you by private air-conditioned car to visit Egyptian Museum contains the largest & finest collection of pharaonic antiquities in the world, where 100.000 piece dating from 4000 years are exhibited including the treasure of king Tutankhamen, holy mass will be held at one of the most famous churchs of Cairo dowan town & Lunch will be served at First Class restaurant & then visit the church of the appricion of Vergin Mary at 1968 April 2nd at El Zietoun, church was built at 1925 in Italin design & became very famous at 1968 because of the appreartion. back to the hotel, over night in Cairo.

Day 04 :
Breakfast at hotel, TO MT. SINAI.This morning we depart Cairo and travel via the Gulf of Suez to Ayun Musa (Well of Moses) where Moses made camp following the parting of the waters, and miraculously brought forth water from the sands. Then onto Hamman Faraun Malun 'the baths of the cursed Pharaoh' where hot sulphurous waters gush forth from the mountain into the sea. Continue our adventure today to Wadi Feran abounding in biblical history and identified as the site of Rafadim – battlefield between the Hebrews and the Amellecti (Exodus 17). Just before we arrive into the village of St Catherine. Mt Sinai overnight (BD).

Day 05 :
SINAI TO THE RED SEA Arise as pilgrims in the very early hours of the morning for our optional trekking adventure (or partly by camel back) as we ascend to the summit of Mt Sinai before the breaking of dawn. The solid walk to the summit which takes 2-3 hours is rewarded by an unforgettable viewand a look at the cave where Moses had hidden himself before coming face to face with God and receiving the Ten Commandments. After our descent we visit the Orthodox Monastery of St Catherine enclosed by a 6th century fortress and incorporating the burning bush seen by Moses. The monastery too has a world renowned collection of ancient illuminated manuscripts and many valuable icons considered second in importance to the Vatican & meet Our Representative at your Hotel to accompany you by private air-conditioned car to transfer to Nuweiba To Travel to Jordan by Catamaran It leaves Nuweiba at 15:00 each day about 2 hours to Aqaba Port. Arrive Aqaba Port meet and assist by Our Representative, then drive to Petra & overnight.

Day 06 :
Breakfast,full day visit of Petra " THE RED ROSE CITY " You will never be able to know what Petra is like until you go there by yourself" wrote T.E. Lawrence in a letter to a friend. How to describe Petra ? the fabulous temple of Stephen Spielberg 's "Indiana Jones and the" Last Crusade" is actually only a minor part of the secret Desert city. The traveler will discover a first temple, then a second one, then a whole city carved more than 2000 years ago in pink sandstone. due to erosion, the rock changes into many-colored veins of purple, red, blue and ocher. it gives to the buildings of the ancient city an eerie "translucid appearance of flesh. " This is Petra , capital of the Nabateans who once controlled the Arab trade of silk, frankincense and spices. Petra defied the Roman Empire until 106 A.D. a narrow canyon between awe-inspiring cliffs is the only way to the secret city. A handful of men could defend its access against an army. Today just like in ancient times, you have to go through the canyon on foot or on horseback led by a Bedouin. Petra, the hidden city, will remain in the traveler's memories as a unique experience. & overnight.

Day 07 :
Breakfast, Then Transfer A.M meet Our Representative at your hotel in to Travel to Tel Aviv by Air Conditioned Bus. Arrive Tel Aviv then Transfer to Jerusalem, Check-in at hotel, Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 08 :
After breakfast, a tour of the Dead Sea Israeli side and back to Jerusalem for Overnight.

Day 09 :
After breakfast, visit of Jerusalem & Old City, Mt. Zion, and back to hotel Jerusalem for overnight.

Day 10 :
After breakfast, visit of AL AQSA Dome, and transfer to Tel Aviv Airport for Departure. (end of our services)

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