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Lake Nasser Fishing

Meet Our Representative with sign of your name at Your Hotel in Aswan ( Kindly Advise Your Hotel Name ) To Drive By A/C Car To Lake Nasser , Lake Nasser has flooded over 6,200 square kilometers of the Nile Valley, creating one of the largest man made lakes in Africa. The fish population of the original river was presented with a huge lake to live in and have thrived in their new habitat, especially the Tilapia and their predators, Nile perch, Tiger fish and the big catfish , the lake is a lovely place to visit. It's a magical wilderness of stunning desert scenery, bordered by the clean water of the lake, which is dotted with rocky islands; there is an atmosphere of tranquility, vastness and adventure; a wilderness where anglers literally have hundreds of square miles to themselves.

The shoreline is a variety of desert landscapes, hilly and rugged, or flat and sandy with clean freshwater beaches. The weather is nearly always sunny and bright, in five years we have never needed to take shelter from any rain!

The lake is remote and thinly populated by peasant fishermen; the local residents are Bedouin camel and sheep herdsmen who are occasionally seen grazing their flocks on the sparse vegetation at the edge of the lake.

There are an impressive variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles. More than 100 species of birds have been recorded: Wild duck, Egyptian geese, pelicans, herons, egrets and various species of hawks, kites, falcons and eagles will be among the birds seen.

In most areas there are crocodile and monitor lizards, other types of wildlife include Dorcas gazelle, jackals, desert fox, and various smaller desert mammals The two most popular fish in the Lake are The Nile Perch and Tiger Fish. with 35 different species of fish and Nile perches Weighing over 65 kilos, Lake Nasser offers a rare and exciting fishing Experience .both trolling and shore fishing are available.

Our Offer Includes :
• 01 Day Fishing On Lake Nasser.
• Transfer By A/C Car From Your Hotel in Aswan To Lake Nasser & Vice Versa During The Fishing.
• All taxes & Service charge.

Our Offer Excludes :
• Any permissions needed For This Trip.
• Hotel Accommodation in Aswan.
• Any Personal Expenses.

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