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Live Aboard in Hurghada

The route start of the live aboard is the Marine sports club in Hurgada. Depending on the weather conditions, you decide if you are first going to the reefs in the south as Panorama Reefs (One of the highlights of the area. Huge coral formation with walls dropping to over 200m. Numerous grottos and overhangs, gorgonians and soft corals. Jacks, barracudas and reef sharks often visit the area.

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Diving Daily Excursion

Breakfast at the hotel then you will be transferred to the Diving Center where you will begin your Diving in Hurgada. The boat takes off at 08:00 to 08:15 am in the morning. Before each dive: a brief discussion takes place between the instructor and the divers to agree on your diving plans, where you are going to go, the safety procedure that should be taken to secure the divers, your preference, the weather condition and a small description of the kind of dive that would be performed.

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